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From a clinical point of view, hypertrophic and atrophic lipodystrophy are distinguished. In some cases, atrophic lipodystrophy develops after a more or less long-term existence of hypertrophic lipodystrophy.

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The mechanism of sildenafil pills of these post-injection defects, capturing the subcutaneous tissue and having a diameter of several centimeters, has not yet been fully elucidated. It is assumed that they are based on long-term traumatization of small branches of peripheral nerves with subsequent local neurotrophic disorders or the use of insufficiently purified insulin for injections.

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With the use of monocomponent preparations of porcine and human insulin, the frequency of lipodystrophy decreased sharply. Undoubtedly, incorrect administration of insulin is of some importance (frequent injections in the same areas, administration of cold insulin and subsequent cooling of the injection area, insufficient massaging after injection, etc.). Sometimes lipodystrophy is accompanied by more or less pronounced insulin resistance.

As noted above, the autoimmune mechanism of IDD has now been established and confirmed.

With a tendency to form lipodystrophy, one should follow the rules for administering insulin with particular pedantry, correctly alternating the places of its daily injections. The introduction of insulin mixed in one syringe with an equal amount of 0.5% novocaine solution can also help prevent the occurrence of lipodystrophy. The use of novocaine is also recommended for the treatment of lipodystrophy that has already occurred. Successful treatment of lipoatrophies by injection with human insulin has been reported.

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A: The insulin therapy we have considered is only a substitution therapy. W:

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Therefore, there is a constant search for means and methods of sildenafil and curing IDD. In this direction, several groups of drugs and various effects have been proposed that are aimed at restoring a normal immune response. Therefore, this direction was called immunotherapy IDD.

General immunosuppression is aimed at suppressing humoral immunity, i.e. formation of autoantibodies, which include cytoplasmic, cell-surface antibodies, antibodies to glutamate decarboxylase, to insulin, to proinsulin, etc. glands. According to most researchers, this direction of the attraction of diabetes mellitus has no prospects, because. the listed drugs affect only the final phase of the immune response, and not the primary pathogenetic mechanisms leading to the destruction of pancreatic b-cells. This complication develops at injection sites as a result of a violation of viagra and breakdown of adipose tissue, that is, seals appear at the injection site (when adipose tissue increases) or indentations (when adipose tissue decreases and subcutaneous fatty tissue disappears). Accordingly, this is called hypertrophic and atrophic type of lipodystrophy.

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Viagra overdose of insulin occurs when the need for insulin becomes too high, that is, it exceeds 1–1.5 units per 1 kg of body weight per day.

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This complication is independent ofactions of the patient, and is explained by the presence of foreign proteins in the composition of insulin. There are local allergic reactions that occur at the injection sites and around them in the form of skin redness, seals, swelling, burning and itching. Much more dangerous are general allergic reactions, which manifest themselves in the form of urticaria, angioedema, bronchospasm, gastrointestinal disorders, joint pain, enlarged lymph nodes, and even anaphylactic shock.